Qualcomm Flash Image Loader (QFIL) Tool


On this page, you will find the complete changelog of the QFIL Tool through different versions.

-Enable partition with the empty name in partition manager.

-Bugfix create VIP Digest.

-Adapt to the physical partition number for partition manager & download process
-Add “Open Log Folder” Menu
-Add GUID in partition manager
-Add a button to save partition info file in partition manager

-Bugfix on default working folder set to comport_0
-Bugfix on partition manager max sector range is 99999999
-Enable customization of physical partition range

-Bugfix for could not start a process of getting Flash Information.
-Optimize of MetaBuild parser.

-Add PCIe download support.
-Add a warning message for “One Time Provision”.
-Enable partition manager for spi-nor & NVMe

-Improvement GUI for skip Sahara Download.
-Bugfix on working folder issue.
-Bugfix on multi-port mapping issue.
-Enable erase feature for SPI-NOR flash.
-Add new storage support: NVMe.
-Remove QPM certification.

-Enable Skip Sahara Process Option in Engineer Mode.

-A bug fix on not picking programmer for SPF builds.

-Enable selection of bootable partition
-Add debug messages for MetaCli process

-Enable VIP Feature in Cmd Mode
-Check SPC for backup\restore QCN

-Add new argument “WORKPATH” to customize the working folder
-Updated to fh_loader version which has a fix for short file list.

-Ignore the Error reported from the EDL Switch command, and proceed with the detection of QDLoader port.
-Bug fix for crash on Unicode path.

-Bugfix: File names with 64 characters or higher causes failure in fh_loader read.
-New console command “getPartitionInfo” – Fetch PartitionInfo into a file _ PartitionsList.xml in the CWD.
-New console command “readSector” – Read Sector from LUNIndex based on StartSector, SectorLength to the file mentioned by filePath.
-New console command “eraseSector” – Erase Sector LUNIndex based on StartSector, SectorLength
-New console command “writeSector” – Write data from the file mentioned by filePath to the LUNIndex based on StartSector, SectorLength.

-Enable Backup/Restore for unsparsed Partitions on Android.
-Bugfix for the port is not picked automatically after switching to EDL.

-Add a version log
-QFIL Support for generating partitions json using metacli and passing it to fh_loader.
-Bail out for Duplicate entries in partition_files returned by metacli
-Bugfix for not setting bootable partition for a MetaBulid download

-Add the FLATMETA parameter in silent mode.
-Implementing a breakdown FFU feature.
-Add missing file names in the log for validation mode 2.
-Bugfix for unable to select the second port on the same physical address(APQ+MDM).
-Bug fix on failed to parsing a path that contains a macro.

-Fix a bug on failed to parsing file path start with “.\..\” in contents.

-Fix the preserve partition fails.

-Fix flat meta build without storage type
-Implement flat meta build for NAND
-Some GUI improvement on Startup & load Meta build
-Auto adapt to partition index for fsg on ufs projects
-Fix QFIL unhandled exception when calling with “-resetParam” argument but folder “C:\Users\\AppData\Roaming\Qualcomm\QFIL” doesn’t exist.
-Bugfix on readback validation fail of some builds
-Bugfix of a log print delay

-Fixed UFS provision failure on Napali
-Fixed device programmer is missing when QFIL generates flat build.

-Support “flavor” and “storage” settings for download and flat Meta Build
-Support up to 200 files in rawprogram file
-Remove the 128 file limit

-Support UFS flash chips.

-Based on the merge module generated from QDART_QFIL.WIN.1.0-20000-QDART-19.

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